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Enhanced Reporting and CRM Features

  • Advanced report generator
    Features an intuitive interface designed for ease of use by non-IT professionals. This tool allows users to swiftly create custom reports in multiple formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and PDF. Its user-friendly capabilities include drag-and-drop fields, interactive data visualization, and customizable templates, streamlining the report creation process.
  • Customizable reports for fund administrators
    Offers tailored reporting solutions that enable fund administrators to craft a unique set of reports for each client. This adaptability ensures that specific needs and preferences are met, enhancing client satisfaction.
  • Standardized reporting solutions
    Complies with the International Limited Partners Association's (ILPA) standardized templates. This compliance guarantees uniformity in critical reports such as fund quarterly reports, drawdown notices, distribution notices, and investor capital accounts, promoting clearer communication and reducing the frequency of investor inquiries.
  • Diverse pre-defined report templates
    Provides a broad selection of pre-defined report templates that adhere to both ILPA and the International Private Equity and Venture Capital Guidelines (IPEV). This variety offers flexible reporting options to suit different requirements.
  • Automated report scheduling and distribution
    Incorporates functionalities to schedule and automatically generate reports. These reports can be directly emailed to fund managers and Limited Partners, thereby improving efficiency and ensuring timely communication.
  • Report accessibility control
    Implements controls to restrict access to sensitive reports based on user profiles. This feature is crucial for maintaining data confidentiality and ensuring adherence to regulatory standards.
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