Private Equity CRM

Our ONE Unlimited software suite includes a specialized Private Equity CRM. This integrated CRM tool is designed to enhance relationship management and operational efficiency within the private equity sector.

Contacts Management

  • Centralized contact database
    Simplifies the management of both individual and corporate contacts through
    a single web platform, enhanced with Microsoft Outlook synchronization.
  • Contact categorization & management
    Allows for the efficient organization of contacts into relevant groups such as Portfolio companies, Limited Partners, and external advisors, with detailed information tracking.
  • Advisor management
    Provides tools for the comprehensive monitoring of external advisors, including setting rates, calculating expenses, and tracking deal sources.
  • Enhanced security for contact information
    Implements stringent security protocols to control access to contact information, ensuring data privacy and protection.
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Outlook and Linkedin Integration

Our flagship product, ONE Unlimited, represents a modular-based solution tailored specifically by PE professionals for PE professionals. This software suite comprises various modules designed to streamline and optimize your business including

  • Seamless integration with outlook
    Achieves full synchronization with Microsoft Outlook to manage emails, meetings, and tasks efficiently.
  • Linkedin integration for updated profiles
    Automatically refreshes contact details in LBOffice through Linkedin, maintaining current contact information.
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Documents & Collaboration

  • Advanced document management system
    A powerful system for organizing, searching, and retrieving documents, featuring automatic document tracking, overdue alerts, and a mirror function for drive synchronization.
  • Online & mobile document access
    Offers secure access to documents from anywhere, compatible with various devices and integrating with popular cloud storage services.
  • Confidential document security
    Strengthens document security by restricting access based on user roles, safeguarding sensitive information.
  • Document submission verification
    Includes alert and verification mechanisms for document submissions to financial authorities, reducing compliance risks.
  • Version control tool
    Ensures the integrity of document history through comprehensive version tracking.
  • Customizable collaboration platform
    Facilitates collaborative discussions and knowledge sharing with a customizable platform for creating communication "walls.
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General Information

  1. Flexible software installation options
    Provides flexibility in deployment, with both onsite and cloud installation options available for various business needs.
  2. Universal access
    Guarantees access through any internet-connected device across major operating systems, supported by mobile applications for a range of devices.
  3. Data protection and encryption
    Ensures the highest level of data security and confidentiality with advanced encryption technologies.
  4. Mobility and offline access
    Allows for productive work from any location, with capabilities for both online and offline access.
  5. Open architecture and integrations
    Features an open architecture design for seamless integration into existing IT landscapes, complemented by compatibility with Microsoft Office, social networks, and various financial systems.

Third-Party Integration and Support

Comprehensive third-party integration enhances the software's utility and accuracy with the ability to integrate a wide range of third-party data sources and financial systems.

DAVISTORE for extended software plugins offers additional functionality and customization options through an extensive collection of third-party software plugins available at DAVISTORE.Please contact us for the full list of our connectors.