Private Equity Portfolio Management Software

At DAVIGOLD, we recognize the crucial role of portfolio monitoring within the private equity sector. Our sophisticated tools are crafted to deliver a comprehensive view and insightful analysis of your portfolio's performance, equipping Limited Partners with an unparalleled monitoring solution.

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Key Features for Limited partners

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  • Detailed portfolio fund profiles
    Provides exhaustive details on each portfolio fund, encompassing strategy analysis, geographic and sector allocations, and more, ensuring a thorough understanding of each investment.
  • Centralization of operations/cash flows
    Streamlines the management of all fund operations including commitments, drawdowns, and distributions, facilitating a smoother operational workflow.
  • Quarterly fund value monitoring
    Keeps track of the Net Asset Values and waterfalls of funds on a quarterly basis, allowing for timely financial assessments.
  • Automated investment analysis
    Offers automated breakdowns of funds' portfolio investments by geography, sector, vintage, and currency, enabling precise exposure measurement within private market portfolios.
  • Cash flow management
    Utilizes Microsoft's Al technology to forecast cash flows at both the portfolio company and fund levels, aiding in the prediction of fund IRR and TVPI metrics.
  • Comprehensive strategy analysis tools
    Equips users with advanced tools for in-depth strategy analysis of portfolio funds, offering insights into allocation patterns and investment strategies.

Portfolio Performance and Business Intelligence with Powerful User-Defined Dashboards

  1. Advanced performance analysis tools
    These tools are designed for the intricate calculation and analysis of IRR/Equity Multiple across different dimensions such as fund portfolio, industry sector, investment status, and investee level.
  2. Portfolio performance simulations
    Enables the generation and documentation of simulations by incorporating specific cash operations to evaluate their impact on portfolio performance.
  3. Smart portfolio dashboards
    Offers user-friendly and customizable dashboards for efficient navigation and access to various Private Equity asset classes including Venture Capital, Buyouts, Growth, Funds of Funds, Infrastructure, and Private Debt.
  4. Multi-dimensional portfolio access
    Provides comprehensive access to portfolio dimensions for a holistic view.

Valuation Modeling

  • Regular portfolio company valuations
    Facilitates tracking of quarterly valuations using diverse criteria such as Discounted Cash Flows, comparables, and Net Assets.
  • Automated valuation models
    Incorporates third-party databases, like Capital 1Q, for automated valuations based on specific financial metrics such as EBITDA multiples.
  • Excel integration for valuation models
    Allows direct upload and management of valuation model data from Microsoft Excel, streamlining the valuation process.

Documentation, Communications, and Collaboration

  • Comprehensive document management system (DMS)
    An advanced system to organize, mirror, and synchronize data across drives, folders, and documents, enhancing document searchability including within PDFs.
  • Interactive portfolio data room
    Provides a secure environment for CFOs to manage investee documentation, equipped with features for posting and tracking portfolio-related inquiries and feedback.
  • Full microsoft outlook synchronization
    Ensures seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook for efficient management of tasks, emails, meetings, and contacts.
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Knowledge Management

  • Online news & article management
    Enables the collection and filtration of online news and articles pertinent to each portfolio company, tailored by user-defined criteria.
  • Market research module
    A comprehensive tool for gathering online data relevant to industry sectors, enhancing market analysis.
  • Buyer identification tools
    Assists in creating lists of potential corporate and financial buyers for portfolio companies, facilitating strategic exit planning.