Customizable investor web access enhances investor relations by offering secure web access to crucial documents like fund quarterly reports, updates, news, drawdown notices, and distribution letters, alongside in-depth fund performance analysis.

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Streamlines investor engagement enhances fundraising efforts with customized dashboards that align with fund strategies, incorporating interactive data visualization tools for effective engagement and strategic planning.

This summary ensures clarity and precision in describing the functionalities related to investor operations, documentation, communication, and fundraising within a fund administration platform.

Investor Documentation and Communication

  • Automated document sending
    Streamlines communication by automating the dispatch of essential documents like drawdown notices, distribution letters, and quarterly fund reports to pre-set investor contacts.
  • Customizable document templates
    Provides flexibility in communication through customizable document templates for various investor communications.
  • Innovative investor interaction platform
    Introduces an online platform dedicated to addressing investor queries, complaints, and feedback, featuring a rating tool that assesses aspects such as reporting quality, deal selection, and responsiveness.
Investor Documentation

Investor Operations

  • Comprehensive commitment management
    Enables management of all types of commitments, including secondary transactions, ensuring comprehensive oversight.
  • Automated capital calls & distributions
    Automates the generation of capital calls and distributions, with precise calculations and allocations tailored for each investor.
  • Customizable LP dashboard
    Allows for the customization of the LP Dashboard to display critical financial data such as investor commitments, drawdowns, distributions, and fund Net Asset Value, accessible in real-time or for any historical period.
  • Real-time capital account statements
    Facilitates the generation of capital account statements, available instantly and for past dates, ensuring transparency and up-to-date financial tracking.
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